The Hartmann Centre in Levallois-Perret offers a complete radiotherapy service to its patients. The Centre has received certification by the Regional Health Authority. The centre is situated within the Hartmann Institute for Cancer, site of the IHFB, and offers, with its partners, a complete oncology service.

What is Radiotherapy ?
Radiotherapy is one of the theraputic treatments for cancer.

Cancer cells are exposed to high energy x-rays or electrons which destroy or prevent cell multiplication. External radiotherapy is administered outside the body using high energy x-rays whilst internal radiotherapy is produced from a radioactive material being introduced to the body (as in the use of curietherapy). Almost 60% of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy and it is often associated with other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy.

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Each year more than 2,300 patients are treated in our establishments by medical teams and paramedics. Our high performance medical platform can offer the best treatment under strict control (controls are reviewed regularly) The security and well being of our patients is at the heart of our philosophy and this is maintained through supervision of our standards and exigences of our patients.

As with all radiotherapy centres, the Hartmann Centre is under the strict control and rulings of the Nuclear Security Authority (ASN). who publish their findings following an annual inspection of facilities and equipment.


To guarantee the best care, our centre has the following equipment available to patients :

  • 4 linear particule accelerators :
    • 1 Clinac 2100
    • Clinac iX with OBI and IGRT technology
  • 1 scanography with virtual simulation
  • 1 treatment simulator
  • 1 computer treatment planner
  • 1 system for the control and verification of the treatment parametres
  • 1 system for controlling applicances

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All practicioners at the centre are members of the Cancer Care network SCOP and thanks to this patients are offered consultations with psychologists, paliative care practicioners and welfare assistants.

Agenda and Projects :

  • Creation of a combined centre within the GCS 3C Oncology Institute in the Haute de Seine Nord of a Clinical Research Centre
  • Development of an Oncology consultancy
  • Installation of radio-surgical equipment.